Sports injuries: no need to wait for a treatment!

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March 27, 2019

To most Canadians exercising daily to stay active and physically fit, sports activities and health benefits go hand-in-hand. While you might not think of what you’re doing as risky or dangerous, sports injuries are common, even to those who play occasionally or as a hobby.

If you’re experiencing pain in your shoulder or knee from playing sports, a fall or bad posture, it is important to seek immediate treatment to avoid circumstances that could worsen your condition. When you’re having intense joint pain, waiting for treatment does not play in your favour. Unfortunately, when it comes to being referred to a specialist (orthopedist), the process to get the right diagnosis and treatment can take a long time in the public healthcare network.

From Quebec, out of province and abroad, many professional hockey players, boxers, skiers, tennis players and Olympic athletes who can’t afford to wait seek the medical expertise of orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Jacques Toueg and Dr. Khalul Masri, together with Dr. Nicolas Sauvé, a sports medicine specialist. Every day, these sports medicine specialists put their vast expertise at the service of patients living and coping with musculoskeletal, ligament or tendon injuries.

“At our practice, you will benefit from a timely access to one of our specialists and will get a quick diagnosis and treatment plan. We offer a wide array of on-site services, from ultrasound infiltration to same-day surgery. In general, you will be seen and treated within 2 weeks,” says Dr. Toueg, orthopedic surgeon and medical director of the Montreal Institute for Special Surgery.

From sports injury to treatment of osteoarthritis

“Wait times in the healthcare system are far too long and very difficult for everyone, especially for athletes and seniors,” says Dr. Masri. “By acting without delay, we enable our patients to regain their mobility faster and go on with their daily activities.”

The most common injuries treated at the Institute include meniscal tears and anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL), as well as shoulder dislocation, tendinitis, and tear of the rotator cuff. Other common pathologies such as osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, and other tendonitis can be successfully treated by ICS specialists with cortisone injections or PRP (platelet-rich plasma), viscosupplementation, or a hip and knee replacement.

Are you a victim of an occupational accident or on long-term disability leave?

If you are waiting for a consultation, a treatment or a surgery, know that you can also consult one of the specialists at the ICS without further delay.
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