Colonoscopy / Gastroscopy

The Institute offers you two type of preventative exams: the exam of the colon by endoscopy (colonoscopy) and the exam of gastrointestinal tube (gastroscopy).

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Please note that our doctors are disaffiliated from the public health system. The costs of consultation or surgery are not reimbursed by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.

Montreal Institute for Special Surgery has inaugurated in the past years a gastroenterology unit. The ICSM digestive endoscopy clinic specializes in the screening for colorectal cancer and gastroscopy (stomach cancer). These exams are done by endoscopic method (by camera). Our high technology tools are high in image quality with unequal accuracy, an important element that avoids any mistake during your examination and or procedure.

In addition to meeting with the specialist in gastroenterology, you will receive a preliminary report with all your results, immediately after your examination. This information resumes your exam and specifies the course of your next your next interventions, should this be the case. We offer you a rapid and effective service, contrary to the hospital field that often presents you a two-year waiting period: a sufficient enough delay to allow a benign lesion to become cancerous.