General Information (Orthopedics & aesthetic surgery)

If you have already consulted a specialist, please bring your existing radiological exams with you during your appointment. Even if you have already consulted in the public center, before having had a surgical procedure at the Institute, you will have to meet with one of our surgeons prior to scheduling surgery.

If you live within the region, please inform us while booking the appointment: we will try our best to eliminate your travel!

Please request our information package relative to the surgery that is proposed to you. The information that you will find will help you better understand the implication of your treatment and facilitate your decision.

How to reduce cost

In certain cases, it is possible for us to prepare a submission letter that you will be able to present to your employer or insurance. Do not hesitate to make this request. The sharing of costs is profitable to all…

You will have a decision to make

Once a surgery is proposed to you, you will have to book an appointment. You will receive an information package relative to your surgery as well as a health questionnaire to fill out.

Surgery according to your availabilities

It will be possible for you to obtain an intervention within two weeks following the first appointment. You will not be subject to any last minute cancellation. In the following days, we will communicate with you, in order to complete some medical information. In this occasion, we will explain to you the preoperative procedures and advise you of the hour of your surgery. If you are over 40 years of age, you will have to pass an electromyogram (offered free of charge) before your surgery at the Institute.

My first day post-surgery

A nurse will communicate with you the day following your surgery. She will be available to answer all your questions and specify all the instructions to follow. Be sure to indicate the place where you will be staying during your recovery period. It is possible to join us at all times should you require any information on postoperative instructions. During your stay with us, we will explain to you the measures to be taken in case of any emergency.

The costs

The consultation in orthopaedics and aesthetics are offered in private practice. Please note that our specialists are disaffiliated from the public health system.

A deposit of 40 percent will of the total cost of surgery will be requested while booking the appointment for your intervention and the balance will be acquitted one week prior to your surgery.

In addition, we can direct you towards the institutions that will offer you finance for any medical procedures.

In order to facilitate your payment, we will accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards and will offer you the Interac service as well. Cheques have to be certified at your bank.