Practical tips for consultation

  • If possible, bring your radiology report and disc that contains your recorded data.
  • If you already have one, bring your doctor’s referral.
  • If you have already undergone a surgical procedure, please bring your operating report that is available in the medical archives of the hospital concerned.

Information asked for consultation in orthopedics

Montreal Institute for Special Surgery has developed an expertise essentially applied to orthopedic surgery by arthroscopy of the shoulder (using a camera), wrist, hip and knee. The institute also has a specialized unit of hand and wrist surgery.

he majority of our patients continue to wait for a consultation or surgery with a specialized physician in the public system. We know that your health deserves a personalised approach and namely a quick intervention. For this reason, we have reduced the delay for consultation and surgery to two weeks.

At our clinic, it is not necessary to bring a physician’s referral to obtain an appointment. Our patients directly have access to our specialists without having to wait. In certain cases, we also offer you a consultation with our specialist in musculoskeletal disorders to obtain a treatment or an examination in radiology.

To better help us to direct you towards a better service, you can, if possible, send us the results of your radiologic exams prior to your appointment.

Please note that our physicians are disaffiliated from the public health system. The consultation and or surgery fees are not reimbursed by the health insurance of Quebec.

The private health insurances are able, in certain cases, to reimburse your consultation and surgical fees.